About Peerless-AV®

Unparalleled people, process and products
At Peerless-AV™, we consider a "solution" to be more than the product itself. A true solution encompasses how the product is made, how it gets to you and the service you receive. We devote care and attention to every element of our AV solutions so we can fulfill the sum total of your needs.
For proof of this commitment to complete solutions, look no further than the lasting relationships we've built with our customers-distributors, resellers, integrators and end users alike. People choose to do business with us not only for the quality of our products but also because we've proven to be a valuable partner, making their jobs easier through every step of the process.

Peerless-AV™ values

Quality manufacturing
We manufacture and test all our products in our U.S.-based facility. By overseeing every step of the manufacturing and testing process, we ensure that our products will meet your exacting standards and that we can get them to you as quickly as possible.
We also ensure your satisfaction through the design of our products. Easier installation, improved durability, better aesthetics-your needs guide our manufacturing process, from conception to production.
Continuous innovation
We are always adding new products to keep pace with the constant changes in AV technology. We have strong relationships with OEMs, giving us rich insight into new products and trends. If a solution doesn't exist yet, our custom department will create one for you. And our Corrective Action Process guarantees that each of these new products meets all internal and external improvement requests.
Always-there customer service
Peerless-AV™ is always there for you, from expert technical support to on-site installation help to the simple, "When will my package arrive?" Though we have a dedicated customer service department, we view customer service as a cross-company responsibility. Our engineers, clerks, salespeople, managers and other team members are all dedicated to ensuring that you have the best possible experience.
Industry leadership
Peerless-AV™ is a voting member of the leading industry standards organizations, giving us a full understanding of new standards and compliance issues-knowledge that we infuse in our products and pass on to our clients. We also help our clients stay at the forefront of their industries, offering our expertise in their specific markets to ensure that they stay on the cutting edge.
These core values are represented through all Peerless-AV™ processes and have allowed us to attain our continuous position as a leading worldwide designer, manufacturer and distributor of support systems and accessories for electronic equipment.