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HAMA 400 x 400 FLAT WALL BRACKET 00011757
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Whats in the Box

- 1 "Ultraslim" FIX TV wall bracket

- Mounting hardware

- Mounting instructions

Note for Consumers

You additionally need the screw set 00118637 for televisions of the Sony W6/W7/W8xx series.

In addition to the scope of supply you need 4 M8 x 45 mm screws and the original spacer sleeves that are included with your TV for mounting the wall bracket on your TV of the Samsung K series.


- Unobtrusive mount makes the bracket disappear inconspicuously behind the television

- Extremely flat profile allows modern and space-saving interior design

- Integrated spirit level for fast and easy mounting


Bigger is no Longer Better!


As a result of the rapid technological advancement in television sets thick, bulky screens are out and thin, lightweight ones are in. This means that TVs are now much easier to mount on the wall, and it is often far more practical and space efficient to do so, leaving more space in your room for you.

Sit back, relax and drastically improve your viewing potential with this quality Next Light LCD/Plasma/LED Wall Bracket from Hama. Being constructed out of solid, sturdy steel panel, it has no problem securely supporting up to 50kg of weight, specially designed for the installation of ultra flat televisions from 58 to 107 cm (23" to 42"), and so is ideal for home cinema use.


View Things from an Improved Angle

Grab that bowl of pop corn and get comfortable in your favourite chair as the adaptable bracket has great freedom of movement, with 2 carrier arms (with threaded holes in a distance of up to approx 40 x 40cm) to meet your own personal requirements and allow you to enjoy TV shows and films at their best no matter what angle you are viewing from or where you are positioned in the room. TV viewing will never be the same without it!

More product information

- For the installation of flat screen TVs with a screen size from 81 cm to 142 cm (32" to 56")

- Especially suited for ultra flat televisions, allows optimum positioning of the flat screen in the home cinema

- Supports all VESA standards up to 400 x 400

Technical Details

Design (Colour, Pattern, Motif, Series)

Colour Black


Quality 3 Stars

Size & Weight

External Dimension (Height) 42 cm

External Dimension (Width) 44,6 cm

Maximum Load Capacity 50 kg

Mounting Plate (Length) 44 cm

Mounting Plate (Width) 18,5 cm

Outside Dimension Depth (from) 2,6 cm

Outside Dimension Depth (to) 2,6 cm

Screen Dimensions 102 cm (40")/104 cm (41")/107 cm (42")/109 cm (43")/112 cm (44")/114 cm (45")/117 cm (46")/119 cm (47")/122 cm (48")/124 cm (49")/127 cm (50")/130 cm (51")/132 cm (52")/137 cm (54")/140 cm (55")/81 cm (32")/84 cm (33")/86 cm (34")/89 cm (35")/91 cm (36")/94 cm (37")/97 cm (38")/99 cm (39")

VESA (from-to) 50x50 - 400x400

VESA Standard 100 x 100 mm/200 x 100 mm/200 x 200 mm/200 x 300 mm/300 x 100 mm/300 x 200 mm/300 x 300 mm/300 x 400 mm/400 x 200 mm/400 x 300 mm/400 x 400 mm/50 x 50 mm/75 x 100 mm/75 x 75 mm

Field of Application

Recommended Maximum Screen Size 142 cm (56")

Recommended Minimum Screen Size 81 cm (32")

Recommended Screen Size 81 - 142 cm (32" - 56")

Version Fix

Physical Properties

Hole Size TV Attachment Up to M8

Material Steel Plate

Model TV

Water Level Yes