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Bosch Cashback


Claim Process

1. In order to claim the cashback, claimants must fully complete the online claim form (including full FD number, ENR number and full address), which is available on or collect a claim form from participating Vaughans stores , and submit this by post to:

Bosch Promotions
Bourne House
475 Godstone Road

2. A copy of original purchase receipts must be sent with all claim forms.
3. For the avoidance of doubt, copies of deposit receipts and/or order confirmations will not be accepted.
4. Purchasers can call the helpline 0808 048 8506 for assistance between 9am and 5pm, however cannot submit a claim by telephone. (There is no charge to the telephone number when called from a landline. Calls from mobiles may be charged at the carrier's rates but this varies between operators).
5. Claims are posted at claimants risk and proof of sending is not proof of receipt.
6. Promotion only valid for purchases made between 14th February-20th March 2018.
7. All claims must be received by 20th April 2018.
8. For claims submitted by post, please allow up to 28 days for your card to be delivered.
9. For all claims submitted online, please allow up to 5 working days to receive the card selection email once your claim has been approved.
10. One claim form is required per eligible appliance.