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Electrospecific Properties


Medium CDs


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Designed for gentle dry cleaning of the laser optical system in a CD player

Improves the playback quality of sound carriers

Accompanied by music from "Carmen Fantasy"


Is your CD Player suffering from poor playback?

For any CD to play with brilliant sound, you need the lens in your CD Player which performs the function of reading the disc to be clean and clear of any dirt and damage. Without regular cleaning, the laser lens could become quite dirty and it is the performance of the CD Player to read discs which will ultimately suffer and you will be unable to listen to CDs without interruptions which will become frustrating! Hama have got a simple solution for you with the CD Laser Lens Cleaner, individually packed.

Clean up with Hama!

The CD Laser Lens Cleaner from Hama, is specifically designed for gentle drycleaning of the laser optical system in a CD player. The cleaner, which comes in the form of a disc, operates by being put directly into the CD drive itself and then runs to remove any dirt particles hanging around in the CD drive. This will ensure you get improved playback quality of the sound carriers. Furthermore, the cleaning process is accompanied by music from Carmen Fantasy so you can relax whilst this cleaning process is taking place.

Keep your CD Player clean and in great working order with the CD Laser Lens Cleaner from Hama.

Whats in the Box

1 CD laser lens cleaner

1 CD box

Note for Consumers

Do not use this cleaning disc in slot-in drives.

Insert the cleaning disc into the player in the same way you would a normal disc. Ensure that the arrow on the cleaning disc is pointing to the cover of the disc drive.