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- This control centre combines a universal remote control for controlling TVs, set-top boxes and audio devices via infrared commands (code based or 1:1 learning) with a multimedia keyboard for controlling a smart TV or PC via 2.4 GHz technology. It replaces all remote controls at home and allows easier use of home entertainment devices (TV, receiver, hi-fi as well as mouse, multimedia and Internet control)

- Immediately ready for use as the code is preset for the most common LG TVs (other codes adjustable for less common LG models)

- With LG specific special buttons for the field of TV

- LED display for status indication of the 4 control levels: TV/DVD/STB/AMP

- Other devices like audio (amplifier/sound/DVD) or STB (DVB-T/DVB-C/DVB-S/streaming box/pay TV) or PCs/tablets can be controlled

- Colour coded buttons for infrared control

- Luminescent buttons for easy use in the dark

- Programmable learn function with 1:1 copy for missing or additional functions

- Code memory: codes are saved in case of battery change

- High-precision multi-touchpad/click pad (can be switched off) for mouse control allows easy and intuitive navigation through menus and the Internet via gesture control

- Buttons with colour code for controlling videotext or special functions of STBs (e.g. SKY) and IP TV (e.g. Liga-Total in case of Entertain from T-Home)

- Practical media keys for easy control of music and browser, etc.

- Comes with a mini USB dongle that can remain in the USB port of the TV/PC/notebook (practically invisible)

- Manual on/off switch on the bottom side for power-saving use

- Sophisticated design for ergonomic use

- Light and slim shape for easy and handy transportation in other rooms

- English QWERTY keyboard layout


Note for Consumers:

The functions of this keyboard that have specially been designed for the LG smart TV do not work with models of other manufacturers. The product works with all televisions that support a mouse and keyboard function. Please contact your TV manufacturer if you have any questions concerning the compatibility.

Due to the variety of television sets and the installed firmware and apps, we cannot always guarantee full compatibility.


Technical Details

Signal Transmission: 2.4 GHz / Infrared

Material: Plastic Material

Number of Replaced Devices: 2

Battery Type: Micro AAA

Number of Batteries: 2

Power Supply: Battery

Range: ca. 8-10 m

Colour: Black

Suitable for: LG