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"Ex Display" SONY DSCW180S CEH in Black
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The W180 is the new super slim, compact and easy-to-use camera - a perfect entry to the world of Cyber-shot. This 10.1 megapixel camera not only looks great, it’s clever too, with a 3x optical zoom and advanced shooting features such as Face Detection, SteadyShot and Smile Shutter technology, making it really simple to use. Measuring less than 19mm, the W180 is small enough to pop in your pocket. When you’ve seen a great moment, intelligent shooting sets you free to snap and socialise without worrying about camera settings.

Simple to use

If you’re new to digital photography, you want controls that are simple to use and menus that make it easy to find the right selection. So the W180 has a larger 2.7" LCD screen with clear icons and menus to make taking great photos as effortless as possible. The 10.1 effective megapixel resolution means you get finer detail in the image and use its 3x optical zoom without losing clarity. What’s more, in Easy mode the camera simplifies shooting by limiting the number of camera settings and displaying straightforward instructions.

Small and light enough to carry anywhere

The W180 is slim enough to fit into a bag or even a pocket, which means you’re ready to shoot whenever a special moment occurs. Choose from black, red or silver finishes and take it with you everywhere. The W180 comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery and charger.

Face Detection finds faces and makes sure they look their best Face Detection finds faces and makes sure they look their best View larger Face Detection to keep portraits in focus

Face Detection is very handy for shooting larger groups and scenes where faces might get lost against a detailed background. The sensor recognises faces as faces and automatically adjusts the exposure, white balance and flash settings to show skin tones at their best. Up to 8 faces can be recognised in any scene.

The high sensitivity sensor enables great pictures in low light

The W180’s sensor is measured at ISO 3200 so is highly sensitive to light and can automatically provide clear images in low light conditions, such as indoors or at twilight. On top of that, there are six pre-set options so you can quickly choose the best settings for a particular type of scene.

Retouch shots on the move

If you can want to improve your shot right there and then, you can even perform simple retouching operations in camera without needing to download the image to your PC — such as cropping, altering exposure or removing red–eye.

SteadyShot uses a sensor to stop hand shake blurring the pictures SteadyShot uses a sensor to stop hand shake blurring the pictures View larger SteadyShot to reduce picture blur

If you are shooting with the camera in your hand, there is always a danger of handshake spoiling your picture, even if your subject is stationary. To avoid this problem, the W180 takes two shots at the same time at high shutter speed and combines them for one bright, blur free image – all you have to do is press the shutter once.

PMB (Picture Motion Browser) software

Managing your growing photo collection is hugely simplified by this software which is included with the W180. Just install it on your PC and it provides a perfect archive for your shots which are all just a click or two away. You can arrange them by date, by person, and even search through them quickly. From here you can burn them to discs, send them to friends or upload them to sites in a matter of seconds. If you connect your W180 or computer directly to an HD Ready TV you can view your shots in spectacular HD on the big screen. If your TV is a BRAVIA which supports PhotoTV HD, you’ll be able to experience even more lifelike HD images, bursting with detail and colours.

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Box Contains

  • Sony W180 Digital Camera
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Charger
  • USB cable
  • A/V cable
  • Wrist strap
  • CD ROM picture motion browser