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BOSE® MIE2 Mobile Headset
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Bose® MIE2 Mobile headset

  • Take calls with one-touch ease
  • Enjoy music and calls with high quality audio
  • StayHear™ tips provide greater stability during exercise and other activities
  • Engineered and tested for lasting quality
  • Protective carrying case included

The Bose® MIE2 Mobile headset is designed to improve both the audio quality and convenience you experience from your mobile phone. You can take calls at the touch of a button. Switch seamlessly between calls and music. And enjoy them both in Bose quality sound.

Better listening and intelligibility

The Bose® MIE2 Mobile headset sets a new standard for audio reproduction that conventional mobile headsets cant match. Re-engineered from the inside out, it features an enhanced acoustic design, in concert with our proprietary TriPort® acoustic headphone structure. So music sounds smoother and more natural. Your calls will sound clearer, too, with the added benefit of hearing them in "stereo" instead of through a single earpiece.

One-touch switching. Hands-free talking.

When your phone rings, just push the answer/end button to pause your music and take the call. The omnidirectional mic picks up your voice clearly - no need to hold it to your lips. End the call with one more touch, and your music continues from where you left off.

Designed to stay put while youre on the run

Proprietary StayHear™ silicone tips offer greater in-ear stability during walking, exercise and other active sports. Advanced materials and design allow the tips to nestle inside the bowl of the ear while naturally conforming to the ears upper ridge. The tips come in three sizes to fit listeners ears comfortably for hours on end.

StayHear™ tips also rest more securely on the headset itself. Overall, they provide a more reliable on-the-go experience for taking calls and listening to music.

More durability

The MIE2 headset is sturdier than ever, thanks to advanced materials, construction and manufacturing techniques - all adding up to more lasting quality for you. Each pair undergoes rigorous testing to meet Bose standards for performance and durability.

Works with most popular phones

The Bose® MIE2 Mobile headset is compatible with the latest versions of iPhone, Droid, Blackberry and most popular phones. Please check carefully if your phone is compatible with this product. Also included: a convenient case for headset storage and protection.

iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc., in the US and other countries.


Greater in-ear stability from proprietary StayHear™ ear tips that nestle inside the bowl of the ear while naturally conforming to the ears upper ridge.

mnidirectional, inline microphone for easy mobile phone communications. You dont have to hold the mic to be heard clearly.

Answer/end button on the back of the microphone lets you take calls with one-touch ease ? and switch back to your music just as quickly.

Enhanced acoustic design incorporating a new port to help music sound smoother and more natural.

TriPort® acoustic headphone structure, available only from Bose, produces tonally balanced audio with deep low notes from small, in-ear headset.

Reliable cable construction enhances flexibility and durability to better withstand the rigors of everyday use.

Angled 3.5mm plug fits directly into mobile phones with recessed jacks, including Apple® iPhone.

Two 2.5mm adapters for compatibility with multiple mobile phones.

Protective carrying case for storing headset, adapters and a mobile phone.